Simpleware specializes in computer software and hardware for independent grocers and chain supermarkets.

We have been working in the grocery industry for over 20 years and have built an extensive network of long-time partners.

We are dedicated to helping grocers run and grow their businesses. On this page we’ll discuss what we can provide for grocers.

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Our Software

For grocers, Simpleware highly recommends POS systems from ITRetail. 

ITRetail designs their software specifically for grocers and market owners, meaning you get a POS system that accounts for all you needs.


Highlighted Features

Easy to learn

Getting to know ITRetail’s frontend is easy as 1, 2, 3.  This saves time and money when training new cashiers.

Fast checkout

ITRetail’s intuitive and user-friendly design is the result of years of market research and optimization. Larger buttons and custom commands makes check-out a breeze.

Detailed reporting

ITRetail provides grocers with all the reports they need to run their business efficiently, and uses machine learning algorithms to provide business insights.

Inventory organization

ITRetail has a number of built-in tools that integrate seamlessly into the POS that make the manual process of inventory easier.

Learn more here.

Manage on the go

Our app, MyGauge for ITRetail, enables you to run your store from anywhere. 

Learn more here.

Employee monitoring

ITRetail’s managerial tools help you organize and monitor your employees. 

  • Assign roles
  • Cashier analysis
  • Detect employee fraud

Any way to pay

Retail PROFESSIONAL accepts almost all forms of payment.

  • Credit and Debit
  • Checks
  • EBT
  • eWIC (offline and online)
  • And more

Multi-store management

ITRetail is powerful enough to handle chains of groceries.


Good, reliable hardware is essential to running your grocery. We sell hardware that we know grocers can trust.

Custom Solutions

No two stores are exactly alike. Sometimes you have unique problems you need to solve, or an innovative idea you don’t know how to implement.

In any case, Simpleware’s expert team of technicians can build a custom solution for you.


Once you have the perfect set-up for your store, there can still be unforeseen and unexpected problems such as electrical malfunctions, employee tampering, and many other things.

Simpleware offers reliable and dedicated 24/7/365 technical support and maintenance plans so that you’ll always be prepared for anything.

Free Demo and Quote

Get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.


We’d love to use our experience and expertise to help you upgrade your store. 

Give us a call or an email if you would like a private demo of either the software or any of the hardware listed on this page, or if you are interested in our help in outfitting and supporting your store.

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