Grill city menu maintenance


1.  NEW BEST SELLER CATEGORY – This button loads the items selected as the best sellers.

2. ADD TO BEST SELLER BUTTON – Click this button to add to BEST SELLER CATEGORY. Click again to remove from BEST SELLER CATEGORY.

3. COMBO ITEM CHECK BOX – If check box is on, item will pop up the combo menu.

4. MENU POSITION – Grill city menu will not be sorted using this value.

5. BUTTON COLOR – This combo box will set the color of the button.

6. RELOAD BUTTON – Click this button to refresh the menu after saving values to see how the new menu looks.

7. AUTO NUMBER – Click on this button to populate the MENU POSITION.

8. UPLOAD TO STORE – Click this button to send changes to stores.


1. Select store to update with new Menu. 2. Click the button to transmit the menu to the select stores.