IT Retail™  software suite for operating groceries and supermarkets:

Retail PROFESSIONAL is a complete supermarket software package that is packed with features and is exceptionally easy to use. This package includes both the front-end software and back office price controls, reports, bookkeeping and administrative functions. Click here for more information.

Retail ENTERPRISE is a supermarket software system that simplifies running a multi-store operation. This system collects and consolidates sales information from different stores and centrally track inventory as well as manage prices, promotions, employees and customers. Click here for more information.

Simpleware Incorporated provides top-rated, high quality equipment available  for the supermarket industry that would ensure smooth integration with the software. We use DELL®, EPSON®, PSC®, M-S®, PREH®, ZEBRA®, and METROLOGIC®. For more information on compatible hardware and specs, please click here.