Administrative Features

Every administrative matter—from employees to taxes to your stores’ various departments, sections, and vendors—can all be managed by using Enterprise.


Full Features:

Cashier Statistics and Balancing

  • Transmitting Checker information to headquarters
  • From Headquarters analyze checker information by region, zone, class, or store


  • Manage Tasks – Tasks can be created, edited and deleted
  • System Setup – Point to the correct SQL Source
  • Setup Stores – Associate stores with a Region, Zone or Class and maintain miscellaneous information on the store
  • Setup Departments – Associate departments to a store. A class of stores
  • Setup Tenders –
  • Setup Store information – Store limits can be setup here as well as coupon days, schedules and discounts
  • Setup Taxes – Tax tables and tax percentages can be maintained here
  • Employee Maintenance – Employees can be added, changed and deleted
  • Vendor Maintenance – Vendors are setup globally for the whole corporation, so each store would have a copy of the vendor file

DSD and Receiving Information

  • Transmitting of purchase orders and allowances from headquarters to the stores
  • Transmitting of invoices from the stores to headquarters
  • Transmitting deals to the stores

Customer Maintenance

  • Transmitting of customer information from headquarters to the stores. We can set it up so only the negative customers are sent for retailers with large
  • Accounts Receivable