Back End

With the topnotch system of Retail Professional, we bring you the best and simplest way of managing your store with this straightforward back-office reporting solution!
Everything you need is right here, right at your fingertips. Monitoring your store status has never been this easy!

Compare your store sales from the last and current years.

2Review your significant numbers a week at a time.

Full Features:


  • Track fastest, most accurate, and productive cashiers
  • Track deposits verifying they match sales
  • Track safe any time during the day
  • Monitor Cashiers
  • Perform Pickups and Loans from BackOffice


  • Product Movement for any item shown in any timeframe for weeks, months, or years
  • Analyze product sales for any reporting group, department, section, or vendor for any timeframe
  • Find best selling products and worst selling products
  • Find most profitable products
  • Analyze Ads
  • Find best selling products on Ad
  • Find most profitable products on Ad
  • Compare product movement before, during, and after the Ad
  • Determine Ad mark down
  • Analyze store sales for any timeframe
  • Graphically compare current /last year sales by week, month, or year
  • Hourly report shows busy and slow times of the day
  • Assign departments to an aggregate department for reporting purposes
  • Sales Reporting by Sales Person Number


  • Schedule restricted day and hour sales time for an item
  • Unit Pricing
  • Split Package
  • Buy two get on free
  • Buy three for .99
  • Buy three for .99 limit quantity
  • Unlimited categorization of products
  • Report on any category
  • Report gross margin for any product category
  • Attach a picture to an item
  • Four tax rates or tax tables
  • Interface to third party label printing packages via export file
  • Track who made price changes and when they were made
  • Product Movement for any item shown in any timeframe for weeks, months, or years
  • Inventory reports Quantity on Hand
  • Group any items together regardless of department as a reporting group
  • Add, change, delete item groups
  • Unlimited item groups for reporting
  • Mass product changes – Pricing or attribute changes can be made on all items in a section, vendor, or product group
  • Analyze item sales by reporting group, department, section, or vendor
  • Automatic Tare
  • Items sold by any unit of measure
  • WIC eligibility flag
  • Search by warehouse item code
  • Link pictures to items and display at front-end or back office
  • Multiple UPCs/PLUs can address a single item
  • Support for like items
  • Change price information for all “like” items in a pricing product group
  • Change information for all items having the same item code
  • While in item maintenance, view current, future and past ads
  • Cost Calculator provides “what if” scenarios for calculating cost, price and target/gross margin of an item
  • Apply cost/pricing changes to item from the cost calculator
  • Rounding Table can be implemented to Update/apply price changes
  • Item added at the front-end are placed in a pending file for editing
  • § View/Report History of Price Changes for a designated period


  • Customize cash register
  • Unlimited tenders
  • Unlimited effective sale hour schedules
  • Four tax tables or tax rates
  • Configure receipt banners
  • Map POS activity to General Ledger accounts
  • Export data to accounting packages
  • Electronic journal searches for transaction or group of transactions for any time
  • Electronic coupons for a single customer or a group of customers
  • Unlimited discount types (item discount, percentage, days discount is available)