Front End

Our FRONT END software is fully-packed with features–from your cashier’s touch screen to your choice of easy read or split screen customer displays.


Cashier Touch Screen
Retail Professional’s grocery POS touch screen
requires lesser training for new cashiers—great savings
in time and money! It increases the   level of productivity
and reduces errors throughout the checkout process.



Easy Read Customer Display
Designed mainly for the customer’s eyes,
they will clearly see the items that are being
scanned. It improves customer service
experience and store integrity.



Split Screen Customer Display
It is an easy read display plus an advertisement side.
Imagine how it can generate more income for your
business by selling these 3 independent advertisement
spaces to neighbor stores and vendors!



Full Features:

Grocery Checkout

  • Full Scanning
  • Unlimited Configurable Tenders
  • Cancel Transaction
  • Void with Scroll and Highlight Capability
  • Error Correct
  • Paid Outs Paid ins
  • Refunds
  • Price Verify
  • Fully programmable Keyboard
  • Suspend/Resume a Sale
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Discounts Line Item and Transaction
  • Percent and Dollar Discounts
  • Department Sale
  • Section Sale
  • Customer Lookup
  • Product Lookup
  • Section lookup
  • Integrated Debit/Credit/EBT Card Processing
  • Reprint Receipt
  • Customizable Receipts Logo, Fonts, Header, Trailer, Saving Message
  • WIC Items and Tender
  • Item Not Found Add Item at Front End
  • Add Customers at Front End
  • Purchase Limits on Items
  • Print Invoice Receipts
  • 24-Hour Store
  • Store Close Performed Anytime or Automatically
  • Currency Conversion
  • View/override department attributes Age Verification
  • Salesman Tracking
  • Capture Sales Person ID
  • Effective Sales Hours
  • Tare Weights
  • Product pricing can include Tax
  • Metric Weight
  • Concord Payment Processing
  • Hypercom payment Processing
  • Food Stamps, Electronic Food Stamps, Electronic Benefits
  • User Exits allow execution of customized routines
  • Item Kitting
  • Item Serialization
  • Buffered Receipt Printing
  • Automatic Cashier sign-Off
  • Optional Partitioned Display



  • Customer Loyalty Tracking
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Display Savings to Customer
  • Optionally ask for Customer Card
  • Show Frequent Shopper accumulated points on receipt
  • Display and print electronic coupons
  • Frame the generated electronic coupon on receipt
  • Automatic discounts given to a customer
  • Look up customer charge balance on front-end
  • Show Customer Picture and information when reading customer card
  • Support multiple customer ids on an order (1st ID for check account number, 2nd for customer check card or frequent shopper)


  • Capture Reasons for Various Types of Transaction Changes
  • Manager Overrides
  • Alert cashier if a product is scanned while front-end is in screen lock
  • Scan Managers Password
  • Multiple security levels
  • Training mode reverses color scheme so it is readily noticeable
  • Manager override for Screen Lock, Sign-Off and Tax Exempt
  • Drawer Open Warning Alarm
  • Configurable Security Levels