Front End

  • Captures your register transactions for customer orders
  • Completes your management functions at the register: cash loan-ins, cash pickup, running register reports (for example, till status, list of checks), overriding a check, media swaps, adding customers, adding products, and setting up the register in training mode
  • Supports the receipt printer, cash drawer, scanner/scale, and ATM/Credit Card Pin
  • Pads some of the critical devices that are interfaced from RETAIL™

Back End

  • Manages customers, employees, and products; completes product price changes; downloads price changes from a wholesale; manages purchase orders, and invoices; monitors and manages tills; completes safe balancing; manage bank deposits.
  • Analyzes store sales by department, product, group of products or customer for a given time period; tracks product movement for a given time period filter data to analyze specific areas.
  • Sets up employee data; monitors checkstands as orders are processed from the Back End system; reviews till statistics and balancing; reviews Front End service levels for each checker; reviews register productivity for a given time period; review transactions by salesperson.
  • Sets up tenders, sets up departments, sections and vendors; sets up system security; completes the store close process; sets up system limits; sets up store information (for example, company name, receipt banners).

Features and Technical Specifications


  • Intel Core i3 Processor (Front End and Back End)
  • Intel Core i5 Quad or higher CPU (Server)


  • 4GB RAM Minimum (Front End and Back End)
  • 8GB RAM Minimum (Server)


  • 250GB HD (Front End and Back End)
  • 500GB HD (RAID 1 Recommended) (Server)

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Professional (Recommended 64 bit)

Database Applications

  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Express
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012

Broadband Speed

  • At least 5-12 mbps